L’Arche Culinary Life Skills Training (CLST)

CLST is operated on a Person Centred and individual level. Core member attendees, together with the support staff team can access CLST for full days or on part time basis.

The sessions are booked weekly to allow for maximum Core member opportunity and access. This gives as many people as possible a chance to sample and decide if they want to participate on a continuing timetable. This project caters for people who have and do not have literacy and numeracy skills support requirements.

There are currently 10 Core members enjoying CLST opportunities.

What programmes are on offer in CLST? Menu Preparation (Typing, Design & Printing Skills) · Baking and Cooking Skills · Catering Orders · Customer Service · Deliveries · Dietary Requirements · Healthy Living Programmes · Appliance Training Budgeting and Money Management · Food Costing · Stock Purchasing · Food Hygiene and Stock Rotation · Clothes and Personal Self Hygiene · Food Labels · Table Settings · Health and Safety in a Kitchen · Café Experience Programme