Our Communities

Each Community is vibrant, energetic and works together to deliver high quality services with each Core member.

Community Life

L’Arche Ireland Community life began with the opening of our first Community in Kilkenny in 1978. Since then, our Communities have grown from strength to strength across the island of Ireland. Cork opened its first Community in 1985, Dublin in 1993 and then our Belfast Community commenced in 2001.

The ethos of each L’Arche Community is of a principle that people with Intellectual disabilities have much to achieve, teach and contribute to the world. During the last fifty years internationally, we have learned that to enable one’ is to create a Community with a culture of shared lives between people with and without disabilities, from which we can work together to grow, share, and live a diverse, inclusive and supportive life

The focus of building relationships and cultivating a sense of belonging is important to us and enhances all our lives. With so many different personalities coming together from such diverse backgrounds, this goal of working together cooperatively takes a collaborative effort! Yet we know that is has all been worth it when the outcome is a home and community that is based on a mutual appreciate and respect for everyone.

Faith is also an important part of community life in L’Arche. We welcome and respect each Core member’s and staff team members faith, tradition or if you choose none. We recognize the challenge of creating unity within our diversity. L’Arche provides both Residential supported living and Day project opportunities.

In each Community we strive to provide each Core member with a quality of life that enables them to achieve their full potential. As advocates, we are committed to highlighting the role and value of people who have an intellectual disability. We work closely with the HSE, HIQA, Charity regulator authority (CRA), Approved housing body regulatory Authority (AHBRA), and others to provide high quality services.
” Coming to L’Arche Dublin was the best decision I ever made. It really has been one of the best times of my life and I am very thankful for everything. I learned so much here, thank you for providing such a wonderful home for us all. I really love all the Core members and will miss everyone so much. “

Amelie, Germany