The Village

The L’Arche Village project is a multifunctional space which is designed for leisure and skill training programmes for adults with and without disabilities.

The Village offers a range of indoor and outdoor spaces for learning and development. The Village project includes a sensory garden, a cookery school, wood masonry workshop, art workshop, a multi-functional indoor space, a pond, music area, games area, and a social hub. Also, our future planning includes the opening of a café.

The L’Arche Village programme team includes experienced sessional facilitators, support workers, technicians, and volunteers, who work to provide accessible, engaging, and informative programmes.

These sessions are available to individuals from the local community. Local groups are encouraged to book our multi-use spaces for evening and weekend slots, and our outdoor spaces, such as the gardens, sensory areas, and social hubs, are open to the community during the day.

The L’Arche Village also represent a space in which each Core member can come together and be supported in actualising your full potential. Mental Health supports are an essential part of L’Arche Belfast.

We at the Village, have experience in delivering outreach programmes for adults with learning disabilities, marrying the concepts of skill development, formation, community cohesion, and mental health into one facility is a unique and progressive idea that we are passionate to grow.