Horticulture Project

A Sensory garden as part of the Horticulture Project! With the expert advice of Horticulturalist and team member Klaus Laitenberger, the Le Cheile Day project is also developing an onsite sensory garden which will be wheelchair accessible and provide opportunity as a social enterprise. The Horticulture project will provide herbs, salads and vegetables for the […]

Café Developments

An exciting new development in the Cork Day project! We are progressing towards the opening of an on-site social enterprise Café. We have successfully received funding and planning permission for the Café and now we are focused on the tendering process. In preparation for the Café, the team and core members are looking at menu […]

Le Cheile

Le Cheile Day project service Le Cheile Day project service currently supports 24 Core members with a support team of 9, which includes staff and volunteer team members. Le Cheile is funded through the HSE, and we are strengthened by the networks we have developed with Southside training and development, the National Learning Network and […]