As part of our National Volunteer Week celebrations, we are thrilled to share a special video diary from Theo, a dedicated volunteer who spent a remarkable year caring for our beloved core members at the L’Arche Cork community. Theo’s journey is a testament to the power of compassion, friendship, and the unique experiences that define life at L’Arche.

Meet Theo: A Volunteer with a Heart of Gold

Theo came to L’Arche Cork with a desire to make a difference and left with a lifetime of memories and deep connections. His video diary captures the essence of his time with core members, showcasing the daily joys, challenges, and profound moments of growth and friendship.

The Impact of Volunteering at L’Arche

Volunteering at L’Arche is not just about giving—it’s about receiving in equal measure. Volunteers like Theo bring energy and enthusiasm, and in return, they gain invaluable life lessons, deep friendships, and a sense of belonging. Our core members teach us about patience, joy, and the beauty of diverse abilities.

Join Us at L’Arche Ireland

Theo’s journey is a beautiful reminder of the impact one person can have in a community like ours. If you’re inspired by Theo’s experience and are considering volunteering, we would love to welcome you to our communities in Cork, Dublin and Kilkenny, your time and talents can make a world of difference.

How You Can Get Involved

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Thank you, Theo, for sharing your journey with us and for the love and care you brought to our community. We hope his story inspires many more to join the L’Arche family.

Experience the unique journey of our volunteers at L’Arche Ireland and see the special moments shared with our core members #NVWIreland #UniquelyUs