What we do #2

We bring people with and without intellectual disabilities together. Allowing each to benefit from living together, working together and learning from one another.(Larche intl site)

While communities engage in varying activities and learning our general framework exists under the headings of Day Projects and Supported Living. L’arache’s approach to Learning and Recreation can be read below.

L’Arche Ireland provides Day project opportunities to adults with an intellectual disability in our Belfast, Cork and Kilkenny Communities and are open Monday to Friday

Supported living

L’Arche provides services to people with various Disability diagnoses and required level of supports including: Intellectual disability, ASD, Autism, Physical disability, Sensory disability, and Mental health support needs.


Learning and formation are integral to L’Arche. Formation is a reflective training model based on ethos and value. Formation and training options are open to both Core members and Staff team members. Formal training is provided for staff team members, assistants, and volunteers. This is devised of mandatory training to be completed both pre commencement with L’Arche and on commencement of a contract. Learning for Core members is further provided through the Day project opportunities where each Core member has a person-centred plan (PCP) and can choose from formal and informal learning programmes.


’Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.’

Amy Poehie